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Apar Technologies is a Singapore headquartered software services group focused on niche technologies helping customers create best-in-class technology and business solutions. Apar engages with customers to innovate faster, collaborate better and deliver more value using flexible engagement models.

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Leveraging Technology To Accelerate Transformation


Digital Transformation can provide a competitive edge that can help businesses stay ahead in the market place and the right technology partner can make the complex journey easier.

Apar works with customers to develop approaches that use advanced technologies to accelerate operational efficiency and enterprise growth and a shift in emphasis towards hyper-personalized experiences, products, and services.


Enterprises struggle with budget constraints, a shortage of skilled resources, and user expectations for instant access to high-performing applications on any device.

Apar provides managed services to help manage risk, enable cost-effective practices, and build a stable IT environment that paves the way for innovation and continuous improvement.

Data & Analytics

Companies need a clear path to transform how they source, interpret and consume information.

Apar’s proven methodologies help clients to create modern data and analytics platforms. These are capable of turning chaos into a catalyst based on insightful, actionable intelligence.

Development Centers

Apar helps companies set up Dedicated Dev Centers/ Centres of Excellence, supporting their big-picture strategy using best practices, and providing proven governance approaches as building blocks. Because they bring together smart people and cutting-edge technology, such centers can also play an important role in the path to digital transformation.

Accelerating Transformation

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