Apar contributes to East Bali Poverty Project

TOILETS FOR BELONG FAMILIES: Smiles on the slope of Mount Agung

By Komang Kurniawan – EBPP Team Leader

In November 2019, David was contacted by Ms Sanyukta Vohra, advising him that as Head of HR for Apar Technologies, an IT consulting firm with HQ in Singapore, she was leading a group of 25 employees to Bali for their Annual Event from 22nd to 24th November, and requested he gives a presentation about the activities that EBPP have carried out in Ban village, the challenges we face and the main support needed.

I joined David on 23rd November at their Ubud hotel and after his presentation, something amazing happened!! Sanyukta announced that Apar Technologies would sponsor the 73 toilet/bathroom blocks in Ban village as detailed in David’s proposal. These toilets will benefit a total of 426 people in 43 Belong hamlet families, and 30 in Pucang hamlet, two of the 15 Ban village sub-villages, located on the arid Mount Agung slopes.

Previously, EBPP has been supported by several other organizations, providing 148 toilets in Belong hamlet out of 191 needed, benefitting 341 households or 1282 people living there. For Pucang hamlet, these will be the first toilets for the population of 168 families (613 people)!

Previously the sanitary health condition in this village was very bad, for water needs, they were all just waiting for the rain to fall, during the dry season the community found it very difficult to find water for their daily needs, their habit of defecating carelessly resulted in many children suffering from serious diarrhoea, a key cause of child mortality until 10 years ago.
Now, the toilet construction in the Belong hamlet has been completed, and the Pucang hamlet toilets are in progress and planned to be completed by February 24, 2020. All the people are very happy and grateful for their new toilet. Through posyandu activities, the EBPP health team provides regular awareness to the communities about the importance of good hygiene and sanitation, especially for young children’s health.

Thank you Apar Technologies for your invaluable support in helping improve community sanitary health through toilet assistance for Belong and Pucang families. Hopefully, we can continue this relationship in the future for the 138 Pucang sub-village families who still need toilet facilities.

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