Apar Technologies builds a Smart Passenger Inspection Table (SPINT) for Dubai Customs

Dubai Customs solicited enhanced passenger experience during the inspection on arrival at all of the Dubai International Airports or Cruise Terminals. The inspectors were performing manual inspections and there was no consolidation of data and passenger information. To solve this challenge, Dubai Customs introduced the SPINT Project – Smart Passenger INspection Table. This table was made to atomate the inspection experience and at the same time capture all the relevant data for further processing and action.

The objective of the project was to simplify the inspection process for Dubai Customs inspectors. The smart inspection table was developed and fabricated as per Dubai Customs’ standards and was integrated with internal systems to speed the inspection process and achieve passenger’s satisfaction by giving more privacy during inspection, as well as monitor and record the process for KPIs management of inspectors.

Apar was involved in complete design, development, and implementation of the SPINT.

High level Features of SPRINT –

  • Integrate all hardware into a seamless experience, which includes weighing scale, passport scanners, cameras, audio-video mix, RFID scanner among others
  • Record passenger inspection procedure including items detention and receipt printing while smartly utilizing the devices attached
  • Integrate with internal systems to get passenger profile and interaction history, either inspection or declaration or any other entities. This involves 2-way integration with multiple internal DC systems.
  • Link the process with internal systems used at the inspection counters to communicate and captured at the table, to facilitate processes on the Bureau Counters.
  • Make sure that all the necessary data is captured for calculating Inspector’s KPI metrices.
  • Generate necessary reports and views for monitoring and analysis.

iDeclare Mobile Application

Apar has partnered to design, develop and implement iDeclare mobile application and Admin Portal. The core objective of the application is to provide a quick and secure portal & mobile application for passengers to comply with and declare their goods while travelling through the airport terminals within Dubai. It is also to automate multiple processes and enhance passenger experience. It is a step towards digital transformation and to be a paperless organization, an initiative of Dubai Government.

The solution contributes in increasing revenues and effectively helps passengers comply with security standards.

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