Apar Thailand employees pledge support for Wat Lat Nam Khao school in Thailand

As a part of company’s CSR initiatives, our team in Thailand has taken up the goal of supporting the Wat Lat Nam Khao school in the Suphan Buri province.

Thailand’s residents are accustomed to experiencing recurrent rainfalls and natural calamities, which continue to interfere with the children’s schooling. Thailand typically experiences a monsoon season from July to October, which brings violent storms and a great deal of rainfall in a short amount of time. Particularly during years with high precipitation, floods are not unusual.

To start with, the team came together and successfully raised a sum of THB 7,600. This could at the least cover the meal budget for a few months. We have pledged to support the school to the best of our ability in the months to follow. This could free up some of the school’s funds for the needful repair work!

Apar Thailand showed their support for the Wat Lat Nam Khao school, when the school was ravaged by flooding caused by the country’s widespread torrential rains. The school now has a strict budget of 840THB per day for the 41 students and 7 teachers, not nearly enough to afford high-quality and nutritious meals and leaves nothing for healthy snacks.

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