Innosys, a subsidiary of Apar Technologies, implements an end-to-end IoT surveillance solution for ATMs

The Need

The client needed a central platform to monitor all ATM e-Surveillance activities and be notified in case of thefts or untoward incidents. An end-to-end IoT surveillance solution will provide Real-Time visibility and notifications which in turn will assist clients for quick and effective decision making. It also reduces the OPEX costs borne by the client and provides a cost-effective secure system for surveillance with transparency.

The Solution


Internet of Things

Smart Energy Management System

AI-Enabled Big Data Analytics

A comprehensive solution designed to fill the market gap and provide services of an unmatched level. An array of state-of-the-art wireless sensors and IP cameras are utilized to capture information in the best possible way.

Our solution utilizes the latest Microsoft IoT stack architecture and has cloud-agnostic capabilities. The solution, along with a customizable dashboard, offers a special ticketing solution. Based on date, period, place, etc., customers can visit any specific site at any point in time.

The smart energy management system provides energy conservation for all electrical appliances installed across the site by notifying the best practices to be followed in sync with our sensors and decreasing the overall energy consumption which generates savings for the client.

Without having to think about expense and complexity, our IoT Analytics engine is a completely managed service that makes it easy to run and operationalize sophisticated analytics on large IoT data volumes.

Our solution is also designed to be compatible with sensors and endpoint devices that are industry-standard and can be used with or without edge devices.

The solution offers features like:

  • Real-Time Surveillance: Active monitoring and investigating to effectively secure locations remotely by watching live video feeds and deploying responders when threats are detected.
  • On-Demand Video: Video surveillance footage to help support post-event investigations, providing video evidence to solve crimes, and evaluating video intelligence from multiple sources to build cases.
  • Video Analytics Surveillance: Video Analytics enabled accurate objects/events detection. Eliminates the risk of missing and overlooking critical details in the video footage watching for monitoring agents/officers.
  • Smart Ticketing: Using industrial sensors to trigger action alerts and events like Door open & close, Movements, Vibrations, Temperature & smoke detection, etc.
  • AI-Powered Intrusion and Anomaly Detection: Intrusion Detection, Anomaly detection, Abnormal behaviors, Search & Filtering
  • Eyeball Monitoring: Real-time video walls from multiple cameras and locations can be viewed for monitoring and investigating by Agents.
  • Cloud Storage: Unlimited storage of videos for an extended period.

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