Apar enables a global Data Centre services provider to support Singapore operations by augmenting technology team and running the show from Apar’s Bangalore office

The client is an American multinational, that specializes in providing digital infrastructure services to a majority of the world’s MNCs. The company is a leader in global colocation data centre market share, with 210 data centres in 25 countries in five continents.

Client’s Product Software Architecture & Engineering (PSAE) team in Silicon Valley insources projects and support to PSAE team in Global Development Centre (GDC) Singapore.


There is always a resource crunch, given the limited talent available locally in Singapore. The cost of resources in Singapore is increasing day by day. Immigration challenges have made it more difficult to staff the projects in Singapore.


GDC Singapore outsources and manages deliverables from its CDC at Apar’s facilities in Bangalore, India.

  • Centre is an extension of the customer’s US data science team and the Singapore analytics team
  • Team focused on building an advanced predictive analytics platform to improve data centre usage, network optimization, cost reduction, and analyze customer behavior
  • Serves also as a R&D set up to accelerate the adoption of data science to enhance business efficiency

The Apar Difference

  • Provide support required to support repeatable product innovation
  • Develop an alternative source for tech talent and mitigate immigration issues in Singapore
  • Reduce overall software development costs by optimizing key resource, project, and best location parameters
  • Scale development efforts by adding highly skilled software product development engineers, shortening development and integration cycles
  • Have the flexibility of headcount, skills distribution, facility size, etc.
  • Speed up time-to-market


We have been working with Apar for over 10 years in Singapore and when we decided to explore an offshore option, Apar was our first choice given the quality of resources they had provided. We were very impressed with the speed and agility with which Apar helped us set up our offshore analytics centre. Apart from the high-quality resources, we are very happy with the way Apar handled the engagement providing valuable advice on the intricacies of offshoring and supporting us on all aspects of setting up the centre which is of strategic importance to us.

Vice President of Global IT Analytics and Data Science

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