Apar CSR activities

Building an ethical, caring, sustainable world is integral to our corporate character. That’s why each of us at Apar Technologies strives to ensure that every business activity has the potential to positively impact the people and profit.

We carry out Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives focused on people. Employees are inducted into this caring culture and encouraged to participate in our CSR programs.

COVID-19 pandemic has left the world grappling with health, economic and humanitarian crisis of unprecedented proportions. The impact of the staggered lockdown on economic activity with industries and businesses across various sectors shutting down has had a crippling effect.

Considering the magnitude of the crisis all employees at Apar came together and offered time, finance, and support to those in need across the globe. Few of the institutes Apar supported are:

India supported the Parikrama centre of learning, ranked as number 1 social impact school in India the school provides education to over 1800 children
Malaysia supported Selangor Bakti Orphanage House, Malaysia – Operating since 1977, the orphanage provides shelter & education to over 70 children
Singapore supported Food From The Heart, Singapore – Operating since 2003, they provide food for over 44,600 people throughout Singapo
Thailand supported BKK An association supporting the idea of giving back to the local community in Bangkok during Covid- 19

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