Development Centres

Transforming Business Challenges To Opportunities

Augment Teams, For Extended Needs!

Expanding business operations would be the right strategy for an emerging business, but expansion means onboarding of new resources and building the entire infrastructure to sponge up the growing work. Utilizing the limited in-house resources for every business area becomes overwhelming for entrepreneurs and affects the quality too. Outsourced Development Center is the most efficient way to keep your hands free for innovation and rapid growth. Our Extended and Offshore Development Centres provide integrated, extended and dedicated support helping businesses expand horizons efficiently with a cost-effective approach & shared responsibilities.

Assemble.Operate.Transfer if needed!

Assemble expert’s team, Operate productively & Onboard efficiency… Apar Technologies assist in expanding client capabilities by setting up Extended Onsite or Offshore Development Centres for them. We onboard and manage a team of knowledgeable technology professionals, hand-picked to meet clients’ specific requirements. Our EDCs & ODCs follow a set of well-defined processes, built upon the philosophy of shared responsibility, complete transparency and flexibility, ensuring the highest probability of success. With the 4 proven models – Project Based, Dedicated Development Centres, Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) and Captive Centres, we enable resource flexibility, substantial scalability and business efficiency.

Application Development

We build strong development teams to deliver applications with scalable features. We leverage knowledgeable professionals to streamline business operations and processes to achieve targeted goals with efficient application development.

Application Testing

Apar aims to enhance applications’ functionality, reducing trouble tickets and realize efficiencies in processing backlogs by proactively monitoring and resolving issues. We achieve enhanced application performance with the help of our comprehensive knowledge base and platforms.

Application Maintenance & Support

With dynamic business requirements, it is imperative to introduce upgrades to applications as well. With Apar’s maintenance services, we leverage our expertise in modernizing, maintaining and enhancing legacy systems.

Competency Development

Our capabilities extend to providing a specialised pool of consultants providing consulting services in a niche technology and/or domain that can be used as and when required.

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