Apar Technologies delivers end-to-end digital transformation for a 4P logistics provider in Singapore

A global Logistics Provider offering track and trace, electronic documents and global warehousing. The company is a specialist in delivering an array of services focusing in industries in the Chemical and Petrochemical domain.

The Need

The customer had a legacy technology platform which was a mix of in-house custom-built applications and off the shelf products that were not scaled up to meet the growing needs of its business. A multitude of technologies/technology stacks were deployed, leading to integration and efficiency issues. There was a lack of standards or processes in customization leading to inefficiencies in maintenance and support effort. Multiple versions of databases and applications were created with customer-specific customization with no enterprise data warehouse or a data lake complicating reporting.


Apar helped the customer assess enterprise Information Technology requirements and recommend a suitable architecture to capitalize on emerging techniques for cycle time reduction, quality management, and rapid application design and development. Apar carried out the following to complete the technology transformation:


  • Scaled up systems to meet on-going business demands leading to Service Excellence
  • Improved operations efficiency leading to productivity Improvement
  • Streamlined and integrated systems increasing reliability and reducing the cost of providing service
  • Improved customers satisfaction with increased availability and stable IT applications providing an optimal user experience
  • Provision of comprehensive, timely, and accurate reports to customers, operational personnel, and management on KPIs

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