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Apar Technologies is a global information technology consulting company headquartered in Singapore. We partner with the IT industry to provide comprehensive cutting edge technology and business solutions, helping clients bring the future of work to life — today. Apar’s capabilities in technologies like the SMAC stack bolster our business process expertise and contribute to our ability to define, build and evolve systems for our customers. (catalyze oragnaizational productivity and business competitiveness).

Service Offerings

Catalyze organizational productivity and business competitiveness

Transforming Business

Business Processes In Sync With New Age Technology

Digital Transformation is changing the way businesses are operating. At Apar, we future-proof your processes by proliferating devices and apps so that enterprises can work as a team on a global level in real-time for delivering faster innovation.

Managed Services

Data Management For Business Operations Optimization

Innovation and value creation are fundamental business operations. Upgrading in parlance with dynamic technology becomes challenging with supporting application issues. We at Apar, provide a managed service framework to optimize IT operations so that businesses can engage minds on innovation.

Development Centers

Business Outsourcing Simplified

Our “Extended Arm” of assistance targets to expand business horizons without any prohibitive set-up costs and complex processes. You may choose from the various models, that optimize operations with a customized delivery and execution methodology.

Staffing & Consultancy

Talent Meets Opportunities

Organizations are always on a look-out for skilled human resources to match their staffing needs. Our staff augmentation services focus to bridge the gap between talent and opportunities, to assist develop, manage, maintain and support business applications.

Our Solutions

Automation Delivered


AI and ML based platform for technical assessment

eLite SIS

Comprehensive Student Information System for discarding inefficient systems

eLite BAM

Automating business decisions and processes seamlessly with eLite Business Process Manager


An Enhanced Security Network for a secure enterprise environment

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