Internet Of Things (IoT)

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IoT is regarded as one of the top five game-changing technologies due to its ability to create new sources of data, provide real-time performance updates and create new value propositions.

The possibilities for IoT are as endless as the business requirements: predictive maintenance and operations optimization in manufacturing; asset tracking in construction; logistics optimization in travel and transport; energy management in utilities; public space security, remote patient monitoring in healthcare; yield optimization in agriculture; fleet management …and many more.

The maturity of IoT platforms, smart sensors, cheaper circuit boards, solutions for storing/processing big data, and high-speed networks bring bigger, yet cost-effective opportunities to manufacturing than 20 years ago.

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Apar delivers an array of IoT services that keep devices operating at peak performance to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction while reducing costs of operations and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

A small-scale endeavor is a good way to start, often even uncovering unexpected benefits. We’ll guide you through every step of your IoT program, growing your project from design to fruition.

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