Staff Augmentation & Consultancy Services

Service with a difference

Our Talent, Your Expansion!

Fluctuating business cycles and evolving customer needs create challenges for companies to effectively focus on their core operations and build expert teams as and when required. Apar Technologies knows where to look for most-sought technology experts that will promise a thrust to business growth. We fulfil augmentation requirements with specialized experts complementing to your unique business objectives and technical needs.

Engagement Models


We provide resource-based augmentation support which will cater to the client’s requirement to streamline business processes. Our services aim to boost process efficiency and are typically fruitful for organizations seeking short term engagement for a specific period.


The project-based consulting model is designed to understand the client’s specific requirements and take full responsibility for project delivery. Apar concentrates on close collaborations with organizations and ensures project success within the stipulated time frame mentioned in the agreement.

Niche Service

Apar provides with a dedicated expert team(s) which suits project’s unique requirements and executes tasks based on the clearly defined SLA right from managed services, site infrastructure to testing & support.


Our enterprise model delivers all IT functions including design, QA and operations. We offer emerging technology skill sets driving innovation by efficient project planning and execution. The technology experts work on your projects following the guidelines of the core group responsible for governance, strategy and architecture from the clients’ side.

Increase Excellence, Not The Costs!


  • Based on agreed project scope and Short Term Engagement
  • Planning, Execution, Testing and Transition
  • Milestone based deliverables
  • Fixed Price/T&M

Managed Services

  • Service scope will be defined and driven by SLA
  • End-to-End Application Support
  • Governance driven delivery support
  • Service based Pricing / T&M

Staff Augmentation

  • On-demand resource staffing
  • Assigned resources will work directly under supervision with/along with the current team
  • People driven delivery model
  • Headcount / Skill level pricing

Shared Services

  • Shared resources for providing standard services
  • Shared service infrastructure
  • On-demand service support coverage
  • Hour / Day wise Pricing

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