Workplace Automation Platforms

Reduce Workloads And Increase Efficiency

Enterprise Automation Solutions On Dynamics

Workplace automation is already improving the day-to-day work of information workers by reducing their workloads of repetitive, mundane tasks, so they can focus on higher-value work. Total eBiz solutions, an apar company, has developed multiple products on the Microsoft Dynamics platform in enterprise automation.


CareSenz is a robust digital Non-Profit Management software solution developed over the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, designed to help NPOs by enabling beneficiaries, donors, volunteers and community service providers to respond to needs faster and collaborate seamlessly.

With CareSenz, NPOs have access to community data- Anytime, Anywhere which helps them act to serve the needs of community members efficiently.

CareSenz is available on Microsoft AppSource platform.



IntraSenz is built on Microsoft SharePoint Platform, offers smart information design, focusing on tasks and documents along with encouraging collaboration to create a common ground for all employees. IntraSenz, provides rich integration with Microsoft Office, ease of content management and access to a modern user interface.


IntraSenz contains the following productivity Apps


EduSenz is built on Microsoft technologies such as Microsoft CRM, SharePoint and Office 365. It facilitates seamless communication between staff and students through an interactive digital platform.



iTrack is a web-based Incident & Service request tracking tool, designed and developed for smooth and seamless maintenance and support services to track the problems and service requests arising in a project. Offering powerful incident management and service request handling capabilities, processes such as submission, approvals, evaluation, implementation and acceptance, until the closure of requests are fully automated with real-time notification and alerts for the business users.


ProjectSenz is a Project Monitoring System that assists project managers in being effective, regardless of the industry by automating the project management process and tracking the progress of activities and deadlines, outputs, and outcomes. With built-in collaboration features and workflow tools, the client staff and stakeholders are more proactive in ensuring that project Reds are identified and rectified on time.



RecordSenz is a SharePoint based digital records management system that manages electronic documents and records from their creation, use, storage, and maintenance to eventual destruction or permanent preservation while retaining integrity, authenticity and accessibility of corporate records.
Key modules include a flexible file plan system, tailor-made workflow system, NAS compliant archival module , robust security module integrated with SharePoint access management, Report module and outlook plugin for easy record filing directly from Microsoft Outlook.