Apar supports I breathe for India campaign, a fund raising initiative by the members and partners of TIE

We are all witnessing the devastating effects of the Covid crisis. India is gasping for breath. Together we can make a difference.

I Breathe For India Campaign is a fundraising initiative by the members and partners of TIE a non-profit headquartered in Silicon Valley. It is the largest global network of entrepreneurs, investors and industry captains representing successful business leaders of Indian-origin across US, Europe & APAC.

TIE members and partners have pledged a matching sponsorship of $1 Million to help India accelerate its fight against COVID-19 through Give India – India’s largest non-profit working actively with 2,200 NGO’s on the ground in the fight against COVID 19.

Through a virtual fundraiser, we are partnering with artists, sportspersons, corporates and philanthropists of both Indian origin as well as global personalities who believe that what is happening in India, impacts the world. Celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, H.H. Radhanath Swami, Karan Johar, Rana Daggubati, Anil Kapoor, Anupam Kher, Samantha Prabhu, Tarun Tahliani, Abhishek Bachchan, Genelia & Ritesh Deshmukh, Kriti Sanon, Ashwin Ravichandran, Faye D Souza, Shikhar Dhawan, Rishabh Pant, Ankur Tewari and more have pledged their support to the campaign.

We invite you to watch the virtual fundraiser event where for every rupee raised, our donor partners will match the proceeds.


Click the link to donate: http://bit.ly/IBreatheForIndia​ The only way to make a difference is – TOGETHER!

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