TeBS’ Intellectual Property (IP), IntraSenz™ is a smart and collaborative framework that provides organizations the foundation to build their Intelligent Digital Workplaces (IDWs).

8th June 2020, SingaporeTotal eBiz Solutions Pte Ltd’s (TeBS) Intellectual Property (IP) product IntraSenz™ is now listed on SGTech’s Digital Solutions website, under the productivity improvement category. SGTech and IMDA encouraged the ICT community to put together a package of technology solutions, including discounted offers where relevant, to help enterprises address the business challenges arising from the ongoing COVID-19 situation.  

Designed to meet the changing collaboration needs of employees across organizations, IntraSenz offers a completely new working environment packed with powerful collaboration tools and applications. 

Built on SharePointIntraSenz focuses on employee engagement with personalized portal pages to provide a user-friendly way to help employees get their jobs done from anywhere, at any time, on any device, and in any language. 

With IntraSenz, organizations can provide an engaging employee experience and streamline the intranet deployment process while taking advantage of everything Microsoft technologies have to offer. 

“We have been implementing collaboration portals for over a decade and have mastered the art of engaging employees with highly interactive and engaging intranets. Our experience, coupled with the latest tools and techniques like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) makes Intranets productive and engaging for Organisations and their users. IntraSenz can quickly be deployed on top of SharePoint,” said Founder & CEO of Total eBiz Solutions Pte Ltd, Radhakrishna Bijjala. 

According to the Assistant Director of a Healthcare Customer,” TeBS carried out the refresh and revamp of our Intranet system from SharePoint 2010 to 2016. TeBS team ensured that the project goals were met which is a showcase of pro-active communication, excellent teamwork, good project management, and in-depth technical knowledge of project tasks. I would like to thank the team for overall good work and look forward to their continued support to our organization.” 

TeBS has put together special pricing for SMEs to stay productive and embrace Digital Dexterity- the ability to use technology for better business outcomes. Read more about our SME BCP Packages and Pricing 

TeBS enables innovation, increased collaboration and ultimately helps customers and clients achieve more with the power of intelligent business apps like IntraSenz. 

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