Webinars series at Apar

Being a successful IT professional today takes a lot more than knowledge of programming and testing. To stay relevant in a fast-changing technology environment, you need to develop next-generation technology expertise that goes far beyond traditional software development and management. You also need to have a strong ability to collaborate, develop domain expertise, solve complex problems, and build solutions that are truly unique. To back this up, we at Apar launched a new way of learning through our Career Advancement Webinar Series.

One of our very first Webinars was on one of the hottest topics today: Industrial Artificial Intelligence.

The session gave employees –

  • An insight into how artificial intelligence is applied in different industries to solve business problems, drive business strategy and help grow the business.
  • Exposure to Data Science use cases from banking, healthcare, energy, and steel industries which helped solve business problems, increase revenue and optimize cost and redefine overall business strategy

The speaker Mathew Joseph is our Vice President and Head of Data Science Practice working on one of our large customer engagements based out of our Bengaluru offices. Mathew has over 28 years of experience in innovation, Product & Solution development, Data Strategy & Architecture, and building global teams on cutting-edge technologies. He is an accomplished professional in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

He is leading the design and development of AI solutions for Marketing, Risk, Compliance, Collections, and Customer experience for one of our banking customers. Mathew’s team is developing data science solutions to drive business strategy and improve the delivery of personalized services to the bank’s customers. Mathew is an acknowledged expert in this area and has been a keynote speaker in many Industry and technology conferences.

The second Webinar “Million Dollar Mindset: 5 Hacks to elevate your mindset and productivity” was launched with the focus on helping employees become more productive and embracing the changes and challenges that we all face today.

The session introduced 5 hacks that are crucial in the development of people:

  • Growth Mindset
  • Collaborative Mindset
  • Journey focused
  • Auditing habits
  • Being productive over busyness

The speaker Andrew Sendak is a serial entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and business strategist. A former investment banker turned tech entrepreneur and millennial leadership expert. He has been featured on CNBC Asia, Bloomberg, Berita Satu, and other major media outlets in South East Asia.

A firm believer in “When we control our mind, we control our future” Andrew built his first (e-commerce) company from his living room generating 40K USD in the first 24 hours, and fell in love with e-commerce and entrepreneurship. His book Ignite Millennial Leadership hit the Bestseller lists in several countries and is available in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia.

Our 3rd Webinar “Bring Out the Leader in You” was launched with an aim to prepare our team members for future challenges and to help them adapt to the ever-changing environment by using their potential for greater performance in today’s uncertain business world. 

The session helped our team members to –

  • Understand Leadership
  • Learn about the power of influence
  • Discover how excellent Leaders L.E.A.D.
  • Become a sustainable leader
  • Empower self for a happier state of being

The speaker Maura Sweeney is an Author, Podcaster, and International Speaker. She has as transformed her own mantra of “Living Happy – Inside Out” to become a global influencer. Titled Ambassador of Happiness® by the UNESCO Center for Peace, Maura has keynoted internationally at universities, national leadership conferences and American Embassy outposts. In the U.S., she has lectured aspiring FBI and CIA candidates on emotional intelligence; keynoted at an international model UN summer camp; moderated a think tank event entitled “Full of Hate: The Rise of Violent Extremism in America” and she has appeared in the Emmy award winning film “Playing for the Mob”.

In 2018, the All Ladies League awarded Maura Woman of the Decade at the Women’s Economic Forum and in 2020, she received a Legacy award for Global Diplomacy at the Leap and Shine Conference in London.

With COVID-19 pandemic spreading its claws stronger & deeper, work from home & the associated pressure has become a way of life. Everyone is dealing with losses in their personal lives. Setbacks are inevitable. Our 4th Webinar  – “Turn a setback into a comeback” taught us –


  • To Dream BIG
  • Pursue our passion
  • Have Courage
  • Work in a team and
  • Time waits for no one

Our speaker – Mr. Khoo Swee Chiow  is a full time adventurer and part time Author, Photographer & a motivational speaker. While his list of accomplishment is endless, below are a few –

  • Khoo is the 1st South East Asian and the 4th person in the world to complete The Explorers Grand Slam
  • He has climbed Mount Everest three times
  • In 2001, he climbed Mount Ararat in Turkey as a part of a Peace Climb project to raise funds and promote international friendship.
  • He climbed Shishapangma in Tibet becoming the first South East Asian to climb an 8,000-metre peak without supplemental oxygen.
  • In August 2003, Khoo published his first book called Journeys to the Ends of the Earth. His second book Singapore to Beijing on a Bike was published in June 2007.
  • In December 2005, he broke the Guinness World Record of the Longest Scuba Submergence (controlled environment).
  • Even in the Pandemic Khoo climbed the fourth tallest mountain in the world: Lhotse

Mr Khoo shared his inspirational journey with us and motivated our employees to start pursuing their dreams and turning setbacks, if any, into a comeback.

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